2018 Mentor Day
Monday, 1 October 2018

For Year 12 students it can be a daunting experience walking out of the Wesley gates for the final time and into the ‘real world’, and the process of choosing a pathway can be a difficult decision.

To help with this process, the OWCA welcomed Old Wesleyans back to the College for Mentor Day, to share with Year 11 and 12 students their experiences after graduating, and to pass on advice from the lessons they’ve learned.

The Old Wesleyans, with an average age of 25, spoke in groups of three with each House, spending ten minutes discussing advice, mistakes and problem solving. As well as practical advice regarding career development and pursuing dreams, the Old Boys spoke about what they have done in particular that has contributed to the ‘success’ of living well – such as work/life balance, nourishing key relationships, and maintaining private pursuits and hobbies.

Perhaps the most evident theme from nearly every speaker was the value and importance of friendships made at Wesley. Each mentor spoke of the network Wesley created for them outside of the College and the doors that had opened in their industries through Wesley connections.

2011 College Captain Adam Carter, one of our mentors on the day, spoke about his experience with the Wesley network.

‘You don’t really appreciate it at the time, but the network you make at school holds you in good stead for future years,’ Adam said.

‘When I finished up at the West Coast Eagles at the end of 2014 I was studying at UWA, figuring out my next step. I virtually bumped into a Wesley boy a few years older than me who I knew and he was able to help get me started at the accounting firm I work at now.

‘You don’t have to be best friends with someone, but being a Wesley boy instantly gives you common ground with someone who may be able to help progress your career, whether it be second year university, a graduate role or beyond,’ he said.

After the mentoring sessions the College Prefects joined the Old Wesleyans for lunch in a more informal environment, where conversations and questions flowed.

*If you’d like to be involved in future mentor days or mentoring of any kind, please get in contact with us at owca@wesley.wa.edu.au*